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Wickramaratnes (Pvt.)Ltd
Keeping the original name of the company, Wickramaratnes was officially established as a separate legal entity in 1985 and maintains the initial operations that the company began in the 1960s. It dominates the supply of goods to the Sri Lankan Armed Forces, with an 70% share of the market.
Wickramaratne Trades (Pvt.)Ltd
The trading part of the group imports household items for retail to the consumer market, the subsidiary was established in 1998. This company offers an abundant range of products, from toasters to torches and is also an authorised dealer for the National Paper Company,
Wickramaratne Sisilco (Pvt.)Ltd
When David Wickramaratne founded the group in the 1960s he rented cooling facilities so that he could provide frozen foods to his customers. Now, Sisilco provides these facilities, this not only brings cost savings for the group but also generates profits.
Wickramaratne Logistics(Pvt)Ltd.
This company is responsible for distributing the products of Unilever in Sri Lanka. This relationship is a testament to the company’s ability to work with large multinational partners.
Wickramaratne Distributors (Pvt.)Ltd
In 1987 Wickramaratnes was awarded a significant contract with the Ceylon Tobacco Company, in order to handle the contract the distribution arm was split off from the main company. Thisallowed for management to be more efficient and more control could be exercised over it.
Wickramaratne Developers(Pvt)Ltd.
The real estate development part of the group shows how Wickramaratnesis always looking to new markets to seek out profits and apply their business expertise. Currently this company is developing a luxury apartment building in Colombo.
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