Outstation Branches

  • 68, Nivathaka Chetiya Road, Anuradhapura
  • 512, Batticalo Road, Kaduruwela, Polonnaruwa
  • 14, Sambodhi Mawatha, Deiyanwela, Kandy
  • 23, New Street, Galle
  • 136/56,IyanarKadawai, Ponnali ,Kattuwan North, Palaly Road, Jaffna
  • 707/3, N P Road.Trincomalee
  • Dedicated Economic Centre,Dambulla
  • 155th Mile Post, Kanagampikaikulam, Kilinochchi
  • G – 10, Dedicated Economic Centre, Keppetipola
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Keeping the original name of the Company, Wickramaratnes was officially established as a limited entity in 1985 and maintained the initial operations that the Company began in the 1960s. It currently has a dominant market share of 65% in the supply of food provisions to the Sri Lankan Armed Forces. It is also a major player in the food supply market to Ministry of Health and Department of Prisons. Wickramarantes source all its food items from the domestic market, still buying them directly from farmers including those of the Jaffna Peninsula ensuring they get a fair-price.

As with all of the Companies in the Group, the Board of Directors is an assembly of Wickramaratne family members with Mrs Nanda Wickramaratne as the Chairperson. Wickramaratnes has  shifted its Head office from Colombo to Peliyagoda, a nearby town, where the Group also has significant warehousing and cold storage facilities. The move was prompted by a government initiative to move the capital’s trading Centre out of the City to Peliyagoda by 2013.  

Government Contractors, Suppliers, Transport Agents, Importers & Exporters.

Established – 3rd June 1985

Major suppliers of all food rations to Sri Lanka Army, SL Navy, SL Air Force, Ministry of Health and Department of Prisons. Our market share of supplies to the Armed Forces is around 70%. We supply whole range of food items including Rice, Sugar, Flour, Dhal  other grains, Milk Powder, Fish, Chicken and other meat products, canned food, vegetables & fruits etc.

All our braches are linked to the Head Office through our net work system called “EBS” (Enterprise Business System).

Registered Office

Registered Office:

 Registered Office- : 231, Dam Street, Colombo 12

 Liaison Office & Warehouse Complex -:  304, Negambo Road,Peliyagoda                                                               

Tel. -: + 94 11 2938770/2934180/  + 94 11 2931942       (20 Auto Lines)

 Fax. - : + 94 11 2938821/2981594/2936778

 E-mail -: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Branch Office

 Branch Office, Cold Room Complex & Building Materials Sales  Division - : 425, Negambo Road,Peliyagoda                                

 Tel.  - : + 94 112931028/2935524 – 7

 Fax.  -: + 94 11 2935528

 E-mail  -: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Board of Directors

 Board of Directors :

Mrs. M H N Wickramaratne - Chairperson

Mr. C J Wickramaratne - Deputy Chairman

Mr. Madura Wickramaratne - Managing Director

Mrs. V D Wickramaratne - Director

Mrs. Y S Wickramaratne - Director

Mrs. S C Gunawardena - Director


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